About us


The history of the CDS Group is not the typical history of a transport company. It is the story of many companies. Made by many men. Many professionals in the sector who wanted and knew how to create a truly common project, a "system", a "network" of small and medium-sized enterprises, with in-depth knowledge of their territory, capable of offering flexible, high-quality services at reasonable prices. An excellence in the collective service, a reality able to compete with the big international logistics companies.

The CDS System is always ready to offer quality and flexibility, always ready to grow. A network of entrepreneurs faithful, today as in the past, to those principles of seriousness, honesty, transparency and professionalism which have animated and guided the CDS project since its inception. The real difference, the authentic strength of the Group.


We want to distinguish ourselves in the logistics sector by becoming synonymous with quality, honesty, transparency and efficiency.

We want to grow, to affiliate "selected" companies in Italy, in Europe and in the world, through commercial agreements in order to optimize the services offered and the delivery times of the goods at destination.

We work to create added value for each affiliate also thanks to synergies that optimize the service levels and costs of each affiliated company.


Flexibility: the great competitive advantage of the CDS Group.

This advantage allows the network to offer tailor-made services for the customer.

In addition to competitive and easy-to-understand rates for each type of shipment, the CDS Group guarantees the customer certain delivery times and a constant flow of information on the status of shipments thanks to an exclusive management service.

OUR GOAL                         

Collaboration between affiliates.

Sharing information to create shared knowledge.

Building a spirit that allows the Group to face and solve operational problems.

Fair and respectful comparison between affiliates.


Territorial coverage as broad as possible through the affiliation of new partners.

Optimization of flows in terms of speed and profitability thanks to the management of several national hubs.

Collaborations with European companies in the sector that recognize themselves in the internal policies of the CDS Group.

Deliveries with guaranteed deadlines that generate added value for affiliates.