Affiliate interview of the month - Sev Stante

This month we interviewed Massimo Baldinazzo, administrator of Sev Stante.


Briefly introduce your company and your role within:

SEV Stante was born exactly 20 years ago (2004) from the initiative of some young local managers and in collaboration with the Stante Group, of which SEV is still part.

I am Massimo Baldinazzo and I am one of the administrators. I mainly deal with sales and the development of new services for the company.

The activities that we have implemented over the years range from European groupage, to air&see, up to logistics and, with the entry into CDS in 2018, to national transport.


How long have you been affiliated with the Group?

For 6 years.


Which areas/provinces do you serve for the Group and which sectors/customers do you target?

We serve the entire province of Vicenza from our Hub in Altavilla Vicentina.


What added value does your company bring to the network?

Joining the CDS Group has allowed us to develop the domestic market and therefore enrich our offer of services to our customers, mainly made up of Venetian manufacturing companies.

Thanks to our experience on the European market, I believe we can bring added value to the network consisting of an international mentality and vision of the business.

05 February 2024
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