Poletto Group



The intuition of the Venetian entrepreneur Girmo Poletto, from whom the company inherits its name, challenges the immediate post-war years, helping to revive the fortunes of the post-war Brenta Riviera.

A vision then changed over the years, not only in the offer of services but also in the expansion of its territorial influence.

In 1948 the activity was limited to the collection and distribution of goods along the Brenta Riviera; today the service operates with national coverage, thanks to a network of vehicles circulating throughout the peninsula, and international, with the collaboration of major partners.

The adventure of Poletto Girmo, a family-run company, continues between evolutions and significant progress compared to innovation.

The continuous renewal traces its strong point, a process son of an age-old passion for this activity and the strong push towards new challenges to be overcome and horizons to be overcome.

In the wake of this innovative spirit, we decided to focus on a new area, complementary to the transport activity: integrated logistics, which embraces different tasks related to the movement of goods within the warehouse.

Venice Logistics was born with a management committed to ferrying the Padua headquarters, the flagship of the Poletto Group, towards a service of excellence and wide personalized offer.

Poletto Group