Sev Stante srl



The Stante Group, born in 1973 from the intuition of Roberto Stante, is projected today to be one of the most active players in the international shipping and logistics market. The individual companies of the Group are led by the second family generation and by managers who are partners of the companies themselves.

The developed system of values ​​is the real engine of this constant journey.

For more than thirty years we have believed that people, experiences, intuitions and everyone's abilities are the driving forces behind the system of values ​​on which to base all the activities of our Group: a system of values ​​where transparency is at the center of everything, becoming both an objective and a tool.

The system of values ​​translates into three concrete commitments:

  • innovation and continuous improvement of the services offered;
  • quality understood also as a process of continuous monitoring of internal and external systems;
  • listening, that is, orientation towards building and developing relationships with customers.

From each commitment assumed, the model of activities and services is born and it is on these concrete commitments that the entire managerial philosophy of Stante is based.


Sev Stante srl