Italy affiliates

Affiliate Lazio


Mised Distribuzione Nazionale di Milletti Settimio srl

The Mised express transport company was born in 1955 with the name of "Corriere Milletti", thanks to the work of four brothers who founded a transport company in Ancona and its province.


IFS - Innovative Forwarding System

Innovative Forwarding System is the concrete result of the potential and experience gained by the partners, founded in 2016, born from a grouping of companies that operates in various sectors


BBM Logistics

The competence and professionalism that distinguish us, combined with our passion and flexibility allow us to adapt our service to your changing needs


Stante srl

The Stante Group born in 1973 from the intuition of Roberto Stante is projected today to be one of the most active players in the international shipping and logistics market.


Mectrans SRL

Mectrans was founded in 1986, from a small company it has grown to become a solid company today.


CTV 2000 Arl

04 September 2023

CTV2000 is among the leading companies in the management and transport of perishable food and pharmaceutical materials. We offer a complete and top quality catalog of services to our customers.