Italy affiliates

Affiliate Emilia-Romagna


CFP Soc. Coop.

The Cooperative, already present and operating in the 1940s within the FS freight yard, in 1972 took the name of "Cooperativa Facchini Portabagagli", incorporating small groups and increasing the range of services.


Gruber Logistics spa

At the basis of our work is the bond of trust that unites us to each other, like in a big family. The knowledge that our employees, customers and partners place their trust in us motivates us day after day and gives us the strength to move mountains.


Transtir srl

Integrated transport and logistics services, able to connect Italy daily with every destination in Europe, no country excluded.


Sistema Logistica S.r.l.

È un'azienda con pluriennale esperienza che opera nel settore del trasporto nazionale ed europeo da oltre 35 anni.